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Virtual Instructor Led Training

JMD Partnerships is pleased to offer the game changer in virtual learning.  I have been a leadership development consultant for more than 20 years, have worked in virtual learning as a developer and facilitator for ten years and recently have led the crusade to rid the world of ineffective virtual facilitators. I want to bring that knowledge and experience to your virtual classroom, conference or meeting.

  • Content review for engagement opportunities and profound experiences.

  • Producer or hosting services for tech support, in session engagement and post training feedback.

  • Individual and team upskilling (join my crusade!)


I will bring a fresh eyes approach to your virtual learning content and classroom.  Challenge you and your team to create memorable and effective learning experiences that raise the bar on virtual learning.

You can no longer accept that virtual training  and work experiences cannot be as effective as live classroom … it’s just different … and I can help you be different.

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