For the past 10 years, I have embarked on a crusade to rid the world of ineffective and boring virtual experiences. My journey has taken me around the world - Hong Kong, Paris, London, Toronto, and New York City. And I never left my home office.


Leading and Learning in the Virtual World

In the transition to virtual facilitation we assumed that the most important thing was learning the technology. The message was lost! So was our audience.

I've heard, "Just put our facilitators and their content in the virtual classroom and we're good to go. Think of the money we’ll save.”  I say, “Think of all the money you'll waste on boring and ineffective workshops with bad content.”


It takes a special set of skills to be effective and engaging in the virtual environment.

It takes a slide deck customized for the virtual world. And it takes a new set of skills to be an effective leader in the virtual environment.

And we need to go a bit further.  If you’ve conducted virtual training, you probably started with a general introduction to the platform and how to use its bells and whistles.  And that’s important. But after you learned the technology, did you have an opportunity to work with an expert on how to create a more effective virtual classroom?  Did you get feedback on your first virtual session?  Those are the pieces that are so often missing from virtual facilitation training … but not mine.

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