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What people say about John . . .

John Dix is an exceptional virtual producer. His expertise on Webex, Zoom and other virtual platforms is invaluable in creating the best participant experience possible.  John not only focuses on every technical detail to ensure that participants are comfortable and confident, he also has a deep knowledge of the leadership content itself, so he can anticipate the needs of the facilitator as well. That’s a unique and powerful combination! If challenges arise (and they do!), John always has a thoughtful solution at hand. Recently, my internet dropped minutes before the start of a session. The reason I was able to stay calm and work through it was because I knew John totally had my back! 

If you want engaged participants, I highly recommend John Dix as a virtual producer.

Terry Whitaker

Facilitator, Consultant, Coach

Every successful virtual facilitator knows that it’s a producer who makes the difference for a successful learning event. After all, the best design and delivery won’t reach our audience if there are problems with technology, an overload of chat messages, or if important questions are overlooked. But great producers do so much more.
For me, John Dix is the exemplar of superb virtual producers. John brings his own deep experience as a talented facilitator and his ability to anticipate needs, not just respond to them. He understands what promotes learning, how the dynamics of a group can be harnessed to improve the success of a session, 
and how to engage every participant so that they contribute and gain the maximum value. And as someone who is both easy to work with and cares deeply about helping others –learners, facilitators, and their organizations—John is a true partner in every way. If you are looking for a partner who raises the standard of virtual training, someone who will work with you, offer high-value feedback, and actually make you a better virtual facilitator…it’s John Dix!

Stace Williams

InterActive Dynamics, LLC

"Having worked with John in Learning & Development for a number of years, he has always been an asset to the creation and delivery of our learning initiatives. John has been able to translate his understanding of business principles and the dynamics of an organization into an effective learning culture. In the delivery of learning, John earned the respect of those he taught and developed long-term mentoring relationships."


John Stephens

Co-Founder, Conversational Games, LLC

"I have worked with John Dix on many occasions and have found that he brings engaging presentations, innovative problem solving, and team engagement. He has brought to my team a sense of out-of-the-box problem solving, highlighting possibilities to meet the challenges of our business world and a sense of accountability. His work is all about seeing the challenges, recognizing solutions, and applying strategies that bring significant results for the benefit of our business."

Kevin Nelson
Regional Vice President, Compass Group

"I have had the pleasure of working with John for over 5 years. In that time John has been instrumental in the success of our partnership with Compass Group, in both the design and roll-out of world-class training programs. In the design, his knowledge of both the company and the people meant we were able to design programs that hit the mark every time. We also certified John to run these programs, which were delivered to executives and senior managers, and the feedback he gets across the world is fantastic every time. His facilitation skills at all levels are probably the best I have seen in my 7 years of working at ProfitAbility. Anyone who possesses the skills to keep a class of 24 execs completely engaged for 2.5 days is priceless."

Alex Draper

Vice President, North America, ProfitAbility

"I worked with John in mobilizing a large change program for a wide audience throughout North America. John demonstrated exceptional leadership and management skills in structuring the team, developing the skills needed, and driving the roll-out. John is dedicated to the learner with a view to business outcomes that deliver outstanding results. His calm wisdom, creative thought, and energizing style will benefit to any organization."

Leon Roos

Coach & Learning Designer

"John is an enthusiastic Training and Development professional who has experience in developing training solutions for his clients and partners. John has facilitated programs for the most senior levels of the organization and has global experience in strategic financial planning."

Karen Jirik

Director of Field Training, Compass Group

John helped me find my voice, my passion in working with groups & sharing ideas! Full stop. A handful of colleagues contributed to my development over the years and John is one of them. His focused yet approachable, no nonsense approach helped me to more fully appreciate the learning styles/needs of a cohort group while achieving my own goals in translating information. He's inspiring, focused, yet approachable, and dedicated to helping others learn & grow!

Phil Del Guidice

Global Account Director

John and I worked together as colleagues at HSBC for the past 3 years. John is a caring and responsible colleague who is always willing to collaborate and support others. John has many years of experience facilitating and leading presentations, particularly in the virtual space. He has been tremendously helpful to me as I have learned to navigate virtual training and how to make them more engaging and interactive and I am lucky to have him as a colleague.

Erin Lee

Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Development

John and I met on a webinar. Since that first meeting, which is not that long ago, he has helped me to enhance my 'virtual' presentation skills considerably. John not only has many years of experience working in the virtual space but, his knowledge and ability to communicate how to get the most out of our virtual interactions is exemplary. His training on Leading Virtually for managers who now have to lead their teams virtually is right on point for the times. It is with great pleasure that I make this recommendation.

Faith Saunders

Chief Transformation Officer

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