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I feel it’s more important for you to understand WHY I do the work that I do.

I help people become better leaders, which helps them and their teams perform better. That helps both parties get promoted, which means greater responsibility, greater satisfaction, and greater salary. That means their kids can go to college, they can enjoy a better life, they can buy that sailboat they’ve always wanted . . . and in many more ways I change lives.

As a leadership development consultant, I change lives.

I want to emphasize that it is not just about the people in the seats at my workshops. It’s also about the people who work with the people in the seats. It’s a trickle-down effect.

I could have gone through my years of experience as a professional trainer, shared with you the programs I have created, and the hundreds of leadership development workshops I have conducted around the world. That would be informative but nothing more than summing up my résumé.  (If you’d like to see my résumé, visit

Because, it’s the "WHY" that is important.



Throughout my career I have found that success comes from beginning with a strong fundamental understanding of the business you are working with.  In addition, the expectations in terms of results must be part of the first step in establishing a beneficial relationship. What we are creating is a partnership, gaining a deep, detailed understanding of the business, the challenges it faces, and what success looks like. That is why I chose the word “partnerships” to describe the work I do.


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John Dix


M: 609-577-3546

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