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Excitement at Work

I am not so sure who benefits more from our daily walks in the park, my dog, Spenser or my “self”.

Right in our back yard, we have the Lawrence Nature Center, where I have been a board member for just over 3 years. In those forty acres of trails, woods and meadows.

I have found creativity and great ideas while walking Spenser.

But I am pretty certain that Spenser gets more out of our trips to the trails.

His excitement begins even before we leave the house, as soon as the leash comes out. At the mere possibility that he gets to go to the nature center, causes great excitement.

I wonder if the mere possibility of going to work each day brings you that sense of excitement?

Are you jumping up and down and running for the door at the possibility of going to work? Of course, starting out initially, entry levels jobs and paying your dues may stand in the way, but if you don't have a clear picture of attaining that sense of excitement in your life's work, maybe you should take a hike and start some other path.

Back to Spenser, as soon as we hit the meadow, the leash comes off and there is an even greater explosion of excitement, in a flash Spenser is off and running.

Kind of like when the boss lets you off the leash. Does your boss keep a tight rein on you? What good is that doing either of you? Are you set free to do the great work you are capable of in your work?

And here’s the most amazing part, each day, every time we go, there is that same level of excitement and enthusiasm. Even though we did exactly the same thing yesterday, today is a new day and a chance do it all over again. And the excitement is just as great.

Do you head off to work each day with that

same excitement?

Often, I get asked, when will our training end today? How late will we be working tonight? I always answer the same way, "as soon as I stop having fun, I am out of here!" OK, so I live in this idealized world were work is fun and never hard. Wrong-O! Fun is self fulfillment, sense of accomplishment, doing good, helping others reach their goals

Anyone who has a dog understands what I am talking about.

Anyone who has ever truly LOVED their job also understands what I am talking about.

My advice to you, get a dog and a job and love them both

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