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Creating the Space

Creating the Space

Watching the Emmy’s the other night, I noticed a very different dynamic. Julie Garner’s acceptance speech (and not just her’s) was riddled with “ums”. I think I counted 14 in under two minutes. Not the eloquent speech one would except from a phenomenal actor. Love her work in Ozark. She just seemed so uncomfortable. And to no surprise. Where was the red carpet? Where was the theater full of remarkable and accomplished actors? The space was totally wrong.

And all of us are bound to have the same ugly result if we don’t create the space.

Working remotely has its challenges and most are often ignored. It’s OK if I work from the dining room and kids and pets run around. It’s OK if I dress professionally only from the waist up. Its OK if I just hop onto a ZOOM call without much attention to purpose or what is about to happen.

The question that I so often ask my clients, “if you wouldn’t behave that way in the live work environment, why are you doing it in the virtual work environment?”

Seriously, your dress, your location, your mindset all effects the energy that you bring to the virtual work environment.

Create a space that is professional, devoid of distractions. Dress 100% and not 50%, you bring twice the professionalism to the meeting.

On the other hand, we all have this tremendous opportunity to create our workplace outside of the guidelines imposed due to corporate policy. I burn incense and have an essential oil diffuser, how would that go over in the corporate tower?

At this point, since working remotely for five or more months, you probably have the routine down. Time to get out of that routine and create a space that encourage professionalism and individuality at the same time. What can you do to create a workspace that is more effective, conducive to creativity and productivity and sustainable?

At a loss for an answer, give me a call … I’ll light my incense and we can brainstorm.

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