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Feedback- do something with it!

I can’t say enough great things about a little BYOB restaurant in Yardley, PA called Charcoal.

Food is out of this world great, always something very interesting on the menu and their donuts for dessert are to die for!

BUT …last Saturday evening, the chef/owner missed a great chance to use some feedback and create a payback.

At the end of our meal, I told our server that the “coal” slaw was the best cole slaw I had ever tasted in my life. In my idealized vision of the world, I would think this would prompt the chef to grab a to-go container throw in a nice portion of “coal” slaw and bring it to me- on the house. A small gesture that would be told and retold.

That’s what I call turning feedback into payback.

When I think feedback, I think tell me how I can improve my services or products. And when someone provides great feedback, I want to thank them, and reward them, especially when it is positive feedback.

We get hounded for feedback everywhere we turn, on the phone, on the internet, in the restaurant. I just got a request for feedback in the mail from a medical tech who visited my home for an insurance medical screening.

If I give you feedback, I want to know that you are going to do something with it. If I give you poor feedback, let me know you heard me and corrected it.  If I give you good feedback, thank me and maybe give me some cole slaw.

Let’s turn up the volume on that one. Guaranteed more business will come of it … and that’s the payback.

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