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The Dishwasher’s Wisdom

As a professional dishwasher for more than six years, I know what it means when you are at a restaurant and see that dish machine operator peeking out of the kitchen doorway.

I noticed this the other night while dining at a local and popular eatery. There he was, peeking out to make sure everyone was OK.

As a dishwasher, you find yourself working in a place that can best be described as Hell on Earth. Any time I could escape and wander close or into the dining room, it gave me the opportunity to see what my magical work had done.

Smiling happy people, enjoying their meals only because I was able to provide them with clean dishes.

I have often thought that being a dishwasher was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had … and with more than thirty years as a professional outside the dish room, that’s saying a lot.

It’s all about understanding the expectations (clean the dishes) and deliver (clean the dishes).

Two lessons to be learned here.

One, take a look at the work you have done and realize the impact …you will surprise yourself.

And two, know the expectations and deliver on them.

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