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The Virtual Producer

They have been called “hosts”.

They have been called “moderators”.

They need to be “producers”.

As the workplace turns virtual and the learning function goes along with it, there needs to be a paradigm shift in how we work, how we learn and how we develop our skills as leaders.

How can we maximize the benefits of instructor led virtual training?

Hosts in the virtual instructor led training space have been underutilized with their primary responsibility being to make sure all participants are able to log in and get their audio connected. An extremely critical step in a successful learning experience … but why stop there?

There needs to be a partnership between facilitator and the support person.  A producer can actively participate in the creation of an effective and engaging virtual learning experience.  Sure, making certain that the technology is working is vital but that’s a part time job.  Let’s get the producer to engage participants through chat.  Engage the facilitator in a conversation when the producer feels there is a need for clarity. And many more ways.

One important opportunity that is missed is for facilitator and producer to hang out after the session for some feedback.  What went well, what needs improvement and how can we enhance the session further the next time we deliver it.

As many of you know, I have been on a crusade to rid the world of ineffective virtual training.  My focus has been on effective facilitation and that work continues.  I am now including the producer as part of my quest.

JMD Partnerships is pleased to offer the game changer in virtual learning.  I have been a leadership development consultant for more than 20 years, have worked in virtual learning as a developer and facilitator for ten years and recently have led the crusade to rid the world of ineffective virtual facilitators. I want to bring that knowledge and experience to your virtual classroom.

  • Content review for engagement opportunities and profound experiences.

  • Producer or hosting services for tech support, in session engagement and post training feedback.

  • Individual and team upskilling (join my crusade!)

I will bring a fresh eyes approach to your virtual learning content and classroom.  Challenge you and your team to create memorable and effective learning experiences that raise the bar on virtual learning.

You can no longer accept that virtual training cannot be as effective as live classroom … it’s just different … and I can help you be different.

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