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Some of the work I do . . .


For me, creating partnerships is all about developing customized solutions that address the unique training and development needs of each client. The success of your business requires special attention to your culture, your business model, and your needs. That’s the first step in developing solutions that bring great results.


Let's schedule some time to talk about those first steps.


Effective Virtual Facilitation
As the training world evolves and more companies are cutting costs and saving money by switching to instructor-led web-based learning, so too must we evolve our skills. But not really. Most instructor-led web-based trainings are dull and boring, for one simple reason: We don’t bring our “real selves”  to the session.  
I will work one-on-one to help you create a more effective and engaging learning environment in the virtual classroom.
Package includes:
  • Two-hour workshop on the keys to effective virtual facilitation
  • One-hour follow-up individual coaching session
  • An audit of your virtual session
  • One-on-one session to provide feedback on your virtual session
DiSC: Improve organizational performance through understanding yourself and others
As a certified DiSC facilitator for more than ten years, I have helped hundreds of leaders enhance their relationships by simply understanding the preferred communication style of their clients and customers. This workshop couples the DiSC assessment with real-life action planning to improve key relationships in the workplace.

Presentation Skills

I developed a series of workshops aimed at lessening the anxiety that everyone experiences before and during a presentation.  I also developed steps we all should take after a presentation to maximize the impact of our future presentations.

These workshops have a proven track record of turning the nervous and ineffective speakers into confident and engaging motivators.


The Sailboat Story- a workshop in navigating your business

Using the analogy of a sailboat for creating insights into your business.

All the parts and all crew members of a sailboat, contribute to the successful journey.  Thinking about the role each part of a sailboat plays in the journey, how the sails can be more or less efficient, how the rudder steers in the correct direction and how the centerboard keeps everything in line are some examples of our topics of discussion.  As we turn our discussion to your business we gain insights into the dynamics of your operations, which levers impact the business and how we control those levers, what keeps your business going in the right direction.  And then there are the people on the sailboat and in your business.  There are many lessons to be learned from the role each member of the crew serves on a sailboat and how those vital roles can and need to be translated into your business.

This full day workshop is fun, fast paced, enlightening and will change the way you look at your business.


Strategic Planning Consultation

Phase One- Setting the Stage

•Strategic Planning Task Force

•Establish goals and objectives

•Set parameters of how this group will operate

•Begin initial steps of planning, (SWOT)

Phase Two- Ideation, Brainstorming and Prioritizing

•Company Mission and Vision

•Key areas of Revenue and Costs

•Allocation of Resources Exercise

Phase Three- Monitor, Coach and Record

•One on one virtual coaching

•Assessing progress

•Navigating change and obstacles

Phase Four-Results Reporting

•Successes and Challenges

•What did we learn about ourselves, our business and the opportunities ahead?

D.A.R.E. to engage employees

Creating a powerful and effective culture of employee engagement is a journey.  It’s not a one day team building retreat or a once a year employee survey. 


Meaningful discovery and assessments which create action plans driving for measurable results is the only effective and sustainable path to true employee engagement.  Anything else will be sort lived and ineffective.

  • Discover- information gathering to understand the current culture of engagement

  • Assess- knowledge is power and a terrible thing to waste

  • React- action, action- we want action

  • Evaluate- how’d we do?


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